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Where can I get the prices for your products and services?

Please select your required test procedure or product and submit a preorder form or contact us at to get an official quote delivered to your email in 24 hours.

Testing services

How does your remote testing lab work?

The entire procedure is very simple and intuitive. Select the required category of material testing or production services from the list at the top, under Testing Lab. Under each category you will find the list of available test procedures and relevant standards or custom testing options. Check all required test procedures and go to the checkout page (use button at the bottom of the table or cart icon to right). Once on the checkout page, fill in your contact info and all available additional info related to the selected test methods and hit send. We will contact you with a quote or further info in less than 24 hours.

How long does it take to perform the ordered tests and obtain the required test results?

The duration depends heavily on the selected testing standard and number of selected tests. For reference, let's take a look at two examples:

1. Tensile test at one load point with three test repetitions. After test sample delivery to our test site, the test execution and report preparation is completed in two working days max (per request, expedited execution with delivery in one day can be arranged).

2. Fatigue testing with S-N curve formation. On average, 12 tests are performed to construct an S-N curve. After sample delivery the testing and preparation of the S-N curve can last, depending on the selected load and targeted number of load cycles (a lower load will lead a higher number of cycles), anywhere between 6 and 25 work days.

Do I need to provide the required test samples myself?

The test samples can be provided by the client or by RD Motion. In all cases, the samples must conform to the relevant standard or guideline.

Can I get suitable assistance in defining the test protocol, scope of testing and entire test procedure for the ordered testing service?

RD Motion, in cooperation with relevant external partnering labs, always provides assistance with defining the testing plan and everything relevant to the testing project at hand.

How are the obtained test results going to be delivered to me?

The results are delivered in the form of a testing report accompanied by test result data in .csv od .xlsx format. Per request, other formats or templates can be used to present the test data.

Can I change the testing plan and scope of testing after my order has been submitted and confirmed?

Requests for changes to the testing plan can be submitted at any time before the test in question has commenced. If the request does not entice expansions to the overall scope of testing, the change will not induce any additional costs.

Can I order other types of custom tests or tests following standards that are not listed in your material testing service lists?

Being connected to a strong network of testing labs worldwide, RD Motion can source and provide many additional testing procedures, both customized and in line with other not listed standards. Contact us at (or send an inquiry here) with your specific requests and find out if we can help you.

Do I get any additional support after project completion and my test results are delivered?

RD Motion provides lifetime support on the submitted test results. This includes support with the interpretation of the test results, used test methodology and equipment, and any evaluations and mathematical models used in the report.

Which countries do you provide your testing services to?

Currently, we provide testing services worldwide.


Are there any geographical limitations related to your product sales and delivery?

Our products can currently be shipped to countries in the EU single market region, the UK, US and Canada. Please contact us to assess possibilities to ship to any other external country.

How long does it typically take to develop and produce a custom test rig?

The development of a custom test rig is normally carried out in two phases. The first, conceptual design phase, usually lasts three weeks or up to a month, and includes the definition of the test-rig layout and the exact specifications of the final product. The second phase comprises detailing of the design, numerical analysis, technical documentation, production and assembly. It typically lasts between four and eight months, depending on the complexity of the final test rig.

Do you also provide custom testing devices for other types of tests outside the fields of gears and power transmissions?

RD Motion also develops universal mechanical test rigs for testing samples in tensile, bending and compressive loads in quasi-static and dynamic load regimes, with additional temperature control modules.


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