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MTP-5 plastic gaer testing device and e-bike Sachs RS central drive

Advanced testing systems for polymer power transmission components.

We provide customer-tailored testing capabilities and R&D expertise for power transmission systems:

  • Direct testing device order and delivery
  • Development of custom testing systems for specific applications
  • Provision of expertise and assistance in customer power transmission R&D processes

Whatever your challenges are in the field of power transmission systems, we have the answers.

ISO 9001 certification badge by Bureau Veritas

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Polymer component testing

Custom developed mechanical design, control system and software provide a robust and reliable polymer power transmission component testing system.

Comprehensive results

Wide range of applicable load and environmental conditions enables thorough material characterisation. Data accessible thorugh tailored, easy to use graphical interface

Reduced time and cost

Quick test setup and execution using our system saves you time and valuable resources. Still too much fuss? Let us take over the job completely!

Customer support

We are commited to providing timely support that keeps customers’ needs at the forefront of every interaction.


Combined years of experience in the field of polymer gear R&D


Industrial and academic partners we have collaborated with


Research and professional articles published in the field of polymer power transmission research


Successfuly completed industrial projects in the field of power transmission engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

RD Motion seeks to provide a wide range of B2B services aimed specifically at supporting our customers in their R&D efforts. We strive for maximum agility and adaptability in order to always fulfill our customer's needs, which requires constant upgrades to our portfolio of provided solutions. Below are some of the most common questions we get asked, which will hopefully help you better understand what our company is all about.

  • What range of products and services does the company RD Motion provide?

    RD Motion is committed to providing a wide variety of products and services for material testing and data acquisition, specifically related to the field of power transmissions. Our flagship product is a multifunctional testing system, which enables polymer and composite gear tests, tribological twin-disc tests, along with testing of rotary seals. The testing system enables the acquisition of all data necessary for the development of highly optimized polymer power transmissions.

  • Does your company also provide custom testing system development solutions?

    Yes we offer also custom testing system development. We are specialized in the field of power transmission therefore our typical developed solutions include rigs for testing of gears, electric motors, clutches, belts, chains and bearings. However we can relate also to other engineering problems. Our engineers have more than 15 years of combined experience and top-knotch know-how in developing different testing systems as also other industrial applications therefore we are able to address the most difficult problems.