Friction & Wear Testing

The MTP line - twin-disk test rig


The MTP-5 is a multifunctional power transmission and tribological testing device, which enables thorough testing and characterization of cylindrical plastic gears of various geometries (VDI 2736 compatible) and small metal gears. The device provides full active control of the loading conditions and sample or ambient temperature.

Key to the MTP series functionality is a tribological twin-disc testing module that enables the characterization of a material pair's frictional and wear properties.


Features and specifications

Versatile testing capabilities
  • Tribological twin-disc tests combined with gear testing
  • Active radial force and speed control
  • Active sample temperature control
  • Ambient temperature and humidity monitoring
Twin-disc testing

Additional twin-disk tribological testing module available, which can be integrated along with the gear testing functionalities described above.

  • Continuously adjustable rolling/sliding ratio
  • Active radial contact force control
  • Sample/ambient temperature control
  • Coefficient of friction and wear characterization
Variable lubrication regimes
  • Tests in dry or grease-lubricated conditions
  • Additional oil-lubrication module available with active oil temperature control
Variable test sample sizes
  • Adjustable center distance between 28 and 70 mm
  • Variable sample sizes can be used
Low noise and safe handling
  • Robust housing enclosure
  • Low external noise
  • Safe and easy handling
Data acquisition
  • Test conditions fully customizable
  • Cloud-based DAQ software included
  • Quick and thorough data visualization
Modular and customizable
  • The testing device can be fully adapted to your requirements
  • Select your required testing configurations
  • Select additional modules
Parameter MTP-5 MTP-10
Radial force range 0-850 N
Rotational speed - drive side 300-4400 rpm
Rotational speed - brake side 300-4400 rpm 300-2700 rpm (2)
Sample temperature control 40-120 °C (3)
Adjustable center distance 28 - 70 mm
Ambient temperature measurements 0-120 °C
Ambient humidity measurements 0-100 %
Sizes (H x W x D) 1750 x 610 x 950 mm 1800 x 720 x 1010 mm

(1) Torque on drive side can be increased to 10Nm at request.

(2) With possibility to increase rated speed to 3850 rpm by upgrading to a 3-phase ~400V power supply version.

(3) Upper range expandable to 160 °C or more if requested. To achieve temperatures below 40 °C, an inlet for conditioned air supply is provided on the device.