Powertrain & Gear Testing

The GTR line - general purpose gear and powertrain test rigs


The GTR series is a highly adaptable and powerful gear train testing platform that enables testing of all commonly used types of gear pairs and complete multi-stage gear transmissions and actuators. The range of currently available torques, running speeds and sample temperatures is suitable for testing the vast majority of polymer and composite gear pairs and gear trains, as well as lower-to-intermediate power metal gearings.


Features and specifications

Gear testing and material characterization
  • Active torque and speed control
  • Active sample temperature control
  • Continuously adjustable and customizable load conditions
  • Ambient temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Suitable for plastic, composite and metal gear testing
  • VDI 2736 compatible
Powertrain testing
  • Lifetime and efficiency testing of gear transmissions
  • Active torque, speed and temperature control
  • Adaptable to various gear train-housing geometries
  • Input drive power can be provided either by GTR drive motor or integrated tested powertrain motor
  • Output braking power provided by strong EM brake
  • Surrounding ambient temperature control enabled
Variable lubrication regimes
  • Tests in dry or grease-lubricated conditions
  • Additional oil-lubrication module available with active oil temperature control
Variable test sample sizes
  • Adjustable center distance between 20 and 300 mm
  • Variable sample sizes and powertrain geometries can be tested
Active thermal conditions control
  • Wide range of ambient and sample temperatures applicable during testing
  • Ambient humidity can be monitored during testing
  • Additional cryogenic module available for sub-zero temperature testing down to -50 °C
Data acquisition
  • Test conditions fully customizable
  • Cloud-based DAQ software included
  • Quick and thorough data visualization
Parameter GTR-170
Torque range - brake side 0.5-170 Nm
Torque range - drive side 0.3-10 Nm
Rotational speed - drive side 300-4400 rpm(1)
Rotational speed - brake side 5-2000 rpm
Sample temperature control -50-160 °C (2)
Adjustable center distance 20 - 300 mm
Ambient temperature measurements -40-150 °C
Ambient humidity measurements 0-100 %

(1) With possibility to increase rated speed to 10000 rpm per request.