Simple & Reliable

  • Select from an extensive array of available services
  • Define the required materials or send us your own batch
  • Measurement data and analysis reports made available right after project completion
  • Further assistance in data interpretation and solution optimization always avaialble

Vast resources

  • 150+ test & production procedures available to select from
  • In line with most relevant international testing standards
  • Test sample production services available
  • In collaboration with certified laboratories and research institutes

Knowledge base

  • Assistance with case examination and required procedure selection
  • Blog with actionable information on various test procedures in constant update
  • Material and component selection consulting services always available
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This is who we are

Democratizing access to advanced experimental resources

Having worked firsthand on numerous industrial R&D processes, we could experience the frustration of not having all the required information about a material used or component integrated in a developed product. That is similar to driving blind and hoping to arrive safely to the set destination.

RD Motion equips you with a platform for enabling broad access to any and all required testing and manufacturing resources and obtain all required engineering data quickly and efficiently. Along with that we supplies a knowledge base for the users to:

  • understand more comprehensively the properties of the materials and components you are using,
  • improve and optimize the testing and analysis processes you are already employing,
  • provide actionable information to improve the products you are developing.

Internal testing capabilities combined with a network of certified colaborators

Experimental testing and analysis is a highly demanding field of engineering and research that requires advanced, precise and certified equipment, pain staking care of execution and diligent result data curation. No one organization has access to and knowledge about the entire range of possible standardized and novel cutting-edge testing procedures available nowadays.

To overcome these limitations, RD Motion relies, on top of internally available testing capabilities, on a broad network of certified laboratories and research institutes to be able to offer the largest possible array of testing solution and in essence provide a limitless remote testing lab always at your disposal.

No matter the area, if you produce or develop a physical product, we can support you

In any industry focused on the design and production of physical products and hardware, experimental testing will eventually be required, be it at a fundamental R&D or final prototype level. Still, there are fields of industry that exhibit more perpetual testing requirements than others. The main industries we have been working with and supporting so far, are the following:

We work with certified and highly equipped research institutes and laboratories

We make sure that our network of laboratories and experimental resource providers fulfill as high operational standards as we do ourselves. Especially, we ascertain that:

  • certified and suitably calibrated equipment is always used,
  • the organization follows quality management standards (ISO 9001 or similar),
  • full transparency of the used testing methodologies and compliance with standards is ensured,
  • the generated data are stored and/or removed in line with the client-agreed NDAs and legal requirements
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